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I wonder, around when is the game due? This Tier is for 10 copies of Banana Hammock (20% off MSRP) with all Stretch Goals. Our protagonist is a country boy who decided to move to Banana Town. Hello! Like, we've still got 2-4 months to go, but since I've been waiting for almost a year now...2 months is nothin'! Tired of the usual inactivity during sex in other games?

You can check the top of this page for any changes in expected date. Earn points. It’s a fully reversible game, which means all characters can be TOP and BOTTOM! But I understand adding on everything and more, requires a lot more funds. Yolkie so far is definitely my favorite, he's so sassy!

Anyone else most excited for Cotton's route? I'm guessing the purchase price will be similar to this dev's previous game, Seiyuu Danshi, which was about $33 USD. Get games. banana's Games.

Top rated. 🥰, Amen! Expected release date for the final game is Q4 2022. for the people who bought the $85 tier when will the merch to sent out? You will also receive 1 production copy of Banana Hammock with all Stretch Goals.

For fanbook, it's digital for $60 tier. *quietly goes to check bank account and US to CAD exchange rates*. For the image reference, you can use random image generated from character creator / use images found from Google for hairstyle / outfit idea. Half-Life. Thank you! Beastars! Only question after that is: can I get a refund if the previous purchase was almost 300 days ago ^^' I imagine so, given the reason, but I'm a paranoid person and it's all being converted to Canadian Dollars. And, if I purchase pre-order and Beta Access, I will download only Q1 of Beta version, not Q2 - Q4 versions?? After solving word cookies Banana Level 16, we will continue in this topic with Word cookies Banana 17, this game was developed by Bitmango the famous developer known in game puzzles.The game has too many packages splitted in levels, each pack contains 20 levels where you need to find all the hidden words. Will there be a similar amount of h scenes as in Seiyuu Danshi or will there be more? minimum price of $29.99 USD. Question: Is there a time limit on the remaining 4 Ranch Employee NPC's? Our protagonist is a country boy who decided to move to Banana Town. I legit made my first twitter account for the sole purpose of following this game, lol! Thank you for the help! (How? Thank you so much for the help!

I really loved Seiyuu Danshi (still do) I played the demo of Banana Ranch so I'm having really high expectation. LOL!!! However, strange things happened during his way to Banana Town, and he was suddenly transported to a different world. He's one half of the love hotel couple, so he's a backer-designed NPC (*cough bought and designed by me cough*)--he's not romanceable, sadly ;pI can't seem to be able to link the twitter post of their initial reveal, but here's the original pic: No problem, my dude (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧.
It's a way to bring creative projects to life.
I'm sorry for all the questions but I had one more is the campaign done or is there time to get Haves route to open up? In addition to a copy of Banana Hammock with all Stretch Goals, you also will get a set of 4 coasters, Throw Blanket, and 2 stickers. Before you start each battle you can upgrade your units. So think...AFTER this Christmas we'll likely have 1 available romance route to obtain.

The Q1 etc is just expected timeframe of update. Will you make Ban be the TOP or BOTTOM in the relationship? And, new updates are available every weeks so, it is a must have. Scroll down below to find the demo download link :D. Like in my previous game Seiyuu Danshi, in this game you can be either top or bottom in the relationship! Well, thank you for making my google search history even more bizarre than it already was 🤣🤣🤣. Diablo II.

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